• Experiential Mindfulness Trainer

I believe that within every individual there is a guiding light that can penetrate the density of fear, doubt and shame.  It is my mission to empower and guide clients to reaching their best and highest versions of themselves through various hands on, physical and experiential exercises, as well as personalized meditative and spiritual practices.  I guide people to reach clear mental states, in which the past falls away and the future becomes full of possibilities. I guide people to live in the present and to reinvent and redefine themselves, their stories and their lives.

Through targeted coaching, my clients embark on a journey of shedding past stories that no longer serve them so that they may step into their highest, most abundant versions of themselves.



Private Coaching

I work one-on-one with select clients who are committed to their spiritual growth and transformation.   My coaching is targeted and rigorous; I train clients to live in the present and to shed limiting beliefs.  We use a variety of exercises and methods — hands-on, experiential, meditative, written — to break through limitations and step into greatness.

If you are interested in setting up a free consultation, send me a message.


Corporate & Organizational Coaching

I work with businesses and groups that wish to undergo a collective transformation.  I believe that how we do one thing is how we do everything, so if we can transform and strengthen our relationships in the workplace, we can do so in our personal lives, and vice versa.

I use a variety of engaging and experiential team-building and trust-building exercises that support organizations in strengthening communication and relationships so that they may perform at optimal levels and have the highest impact possible.

In the past, I have worked with all types of clients and organizations, including:

  • Large corporations
  • Small businesses
  • Leadership teams
  • Spiritual Organizations
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • Universities and schools
  • Centers for Underprivileged Youth

Clients Have included:

  • Fulcrum Adventures
  • Millenia Group Home
  • Art Share
  • Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional

If you are interested in setting up a free consultation on behalf of your organization, send me a message.


Coaching for Educators

I have worked extensively in academic environments to implement and facilitate specialized and after school programs for youths.

Past clients have included:

  • USC Marshall School of Business
  • Forshay Middle School 
  • Crenshaw High School
  • Kuumba Summer Camp
  • Agape University
  • Agape Summer School

If you are interested in setting up a free consultation on behalf of your organization, send me a message.


Coaching at Youth & Rehabilitation Centers

I deeply enjoy connect with inner-city youth populations and with groups of people who are on a journey of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

I believe that every individual, no matter his or her past circumstances, can step into an empowered, healthy life.

I have worked across Los Angeles in centers for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as centers for juvenile delinquents and inner-city youth.

If you are interested in setting up a free consultation on behalf of your organization, send me a message.

Group Workshops for Adults

I teach a variety of specialized, topical group workshops.

Past workshops have included:

  • Who Moved My Soul Mate? How to attract and develop a committed relationship with your soul mate.
  • Power Up Your Life: How to take responsibility for your life!
  • The Art of Mindfulness: Your thoughts have power!


Keynote/Motivational Speaker

It is my mission to inspire and ignite as many people as possible on a path of transformation.  As such, I often serve as a keynote/motivational speaker at events.

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